Ghos-TP is the industry's first spirit-driven authentication experience that adds truly 1:1 personalized credentials to your login flow.

Ready for otherworldly security? See Ghos-TP in action today!

Auth is always on our mind. And now it’s on your mind too.

Developed together with our partners at SoulMates Inc, Ghos-TP offers app developers the first-ever ghost-based authentication process to add to their apps. The service randomly matches every user with a member of the spirit world who has thought of a 6-digit code. The user must think of the same code to successfully authenticate.

Here's what people are saying:

"I often feel like I'm talking to ghosts from my past when I try to recollect the passwords I forgot. It's much cooler talking to a real ghost and not having to remember anything!"- Declan Rice, end user.

"Ghos-TP's use of a truly decentralized and peer-to-peer architecture is a landmark moment in the identity world, making it impossible for cybercriminals to get in. The attack surface literally doesn't exist - wave your hand and it will go right through."- VP Analyst, Séance Research.

"Ghosts should be unpredictable and mystical, not a stand-in for an authentication protocol. If everyone can easily speak with spirits, who's going to come to me so I can tell them a ghost told me they'll meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger?"- Local psychic.

Learn more about Ghos-TP here.